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The relative quantities of petroleum products available to the West Coast of Africa in the past decade was directly dependent on what was produced by refineries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The efficiency of this product-slate, however, depends on a number of complexities: the refinery processes, market dynamics, climate and the properties of the crude being refined.Over time, the demand from the West Coast of Africa for mostly higher-valued products like gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and greases puts pressure on the suppliers who have similar demands from Europe and America that undulates during winter, when the demand for oil products are high. In recent times, suppliers have formed international trade networks with different major refineries around the world to meet our demands. In as much as we depend on this structure for the shorterm solutions, we need develop intermidiate policy(s) to cope with this in the mean time. At the end of the day, we need find a balance between economies of scale and product configuration.International commodity traders for example have over the years developed their own petronomics to meet our local demand, even with the issue of CIF constrains, bills for payment and LC obligations. And that is why for us, we have developed innovative ways to meet up with short term goals and long term targets to remain relevant in the energy business and also consolidate as a company to offer value added service to improve the industry standard. Our relation with international refineries has postion us to meet import demands, and consolidate our local supply logistics mainly for AGO and PMS.However, we do anticipate a total deregulation of the industry to allow for local trade expansion and trade inclusion. With that we shall capitalise on our international connect to enable us meet up with the FOREX requirement for local importation and PO servicing.